Add the new colors to your customer’s shopping experience and give them a visual representation of your product that they can’t stop appreciating. When using your store it is really important that they get to see a polished and clean look of the products with the colors of their choices.

Woocommerce Image and Color Swatches is the best tool to help you edge out your competition.

By using the Woocommerce Image and Color Swatches plugin you can generate color and image swatches to display the available product variable attributes like colors, sizes, styles etc. You can replace the drop down fields with color and image swatches.

Color-Image Swatch


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#  Option to create unlimited color swatches.
The free feature of the plugin lets you create swatches using color only, any color that you want.


#  Works on variable products only
Keep in mind that the plugins will work only when your products have variations, not otherwise.


Color-Image swatch



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# Option to create swatches using colors.
The plugin lets you create swatches using different colors in free as well as a premium feature.


# Option to create swatches using images.
With the premium feature, you can not only create swatches with different colors but also with different images.

# Option to create swatches using icons,
Swatches can also be created with icons, a grid of 300 icons library is available with this option.


# Option to create swatches using text.
Or even text can be an option to create swatches. For example: let your customers choose the perfect fit for them by creating “L”, “XL” etc. size swatches.

Color-Image Swatches


# Attributes can be shown in the dropdown by choosing option None.
The plugin allows you to show the attributes in the dropdown when you select the option None.

Color-Image Swatches


# You can create Swatches globally.
By choosing taxonomy colors and images, you can add swatches globally.


# While creating global attributes list you can select swatch type to show it in Color, image or icon option.


# You can use Taxonomy colors and images to show global attributes on per product.

Color-Image Swatches


# Create color and image swatches on a per-product basis.
You also have the option to create color and image swatches on a per-product basis.

Color-Image Swatches


# Swatches can be stylized
Swatches can be stylized by changing Default Swatch Border Color, Active Swatch Border Color, Swatch Color, Swatch Hover Color.


# Option to change Swatch border style in a circle or a square shape.


# Swatch Type Size can also be adjusted according to choice.


# You can use swatches on each variation you have set up.

Color-Image Swatches



#  Show or Hide attribute term label.

#  Option to set the attribute term label font size and font weight.

#  Option to set the top and bottom margin between the attribute term label.

# Option to set the price label and font weight.

#  Can also set the Color , Icon , Image and Text swatch thumbnail size.


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