Magento v/s OpenCart: Which Cart Steals the Show?

magentovsopencart-2 Are you planning on opening an eCommerce store? Have you picked a platform yet? If you haven’t, then you need to make some serious decisions.

Searching for the right platform is like looking for a pair of shoes. They can be high quality shoes but if they are not your size they will not give you any comfort. Which is why, you need to do proper research before you decide on a platform. One wrong choice will make for a painful journey that will cost you a lot of money to correct.

This article pits Magento v/s OpenCart to help you find the ideal cart for your Ecommerce needs.

Installation and Download


As on open source platform, OpenCart is free to download.  All you will need along with it is a web hosting package and you are good to go.


As Magento is a bigger platform it offers three different editions depending upon your need and the level of your business.

1. Magento Community Edition

The community edition of Magento is free to download and has a download process similar to that of OpenCart.

2. Magento Go

As a hosted solution it is a paid software made for small and startup businesses priced at 15$ per month.

3. Magento Enterprise Edition

This edition is specifically designed for large corporations.  It is expensive software that start-up and small businesses cannot afford.

Set up and Functioning


Magento requires a set of skills and understanding that only experienced tech geeks have. It is not a software platform that is meant to be handled by amateurs.

Although possibilities with Magento are endless, but its complex framework makes it unpopular among users who prefer simple and easy to manage systems when they decide to set up their online shop.


When it comes to ease of use, OpenCart is definitely the winner.  All you need to do is download the software, select a template and work your way from there. OpenCart is extremely easy to use and is usually sought by startup companies that run on a tight budget.

Administration Panel


Magento has a complex admin panel that is not every designer’s cup of tea. If you have a highly skilled team of professionals on deck, then you will have no trouble. Otherwise, Magento can very easily become cumbersome for your business.


OpenCart on the other hand is as simple as simple can be. However, there are a few quirks in the system that makes Magento the better option of the two. For E.g. the mandatory “model number” option that many companies prefer not to use.



1. Drain on resources

It constantly needs upgraded servers because of increase of inventory and traffic. This makes managing a Magento web store a big feat that can only be accomplished by the affluent.

2. Minimal Assistance and tough to understand

Magento is not meant to be handled by amateurs.  Even though it is open source, there is very little help for amateur coders who wish to create an eCommerce store on a Magento platform.

3. Time consuming set up

Building an online store of Magento can take anywhere from weeks to several months, depending on the requirements for the website. It is therefore not a suitable option for businessmen who plan to quick start their online business.


1. Not Search Engine Optimization friendly

OpenCart is a drag when it comes to search engine optimization. The URLs created on an OpenCart platform are not SEO friendly, which makes Magento a quick winner for people who want to hit Google rankings fast.

2. No One Page Check Out

The lack of one page check out feature makes the shopping experience from an OpenCart store slightly more complicated than from websites that have Magento as their platform.

3. Less Customization Friendly as Compared to Magento

The options of customization offered by OpenCart are very limited as compared to Magento. Therefore, it is not the ideal option for big businesses that rely on high level functionalities.

4. Very Basic Inventory System

Magento is way better when it comes to managing inventory. The inventory options in OpenCart are a bit basic and are ideal for small to medium businesses.

5. No Mobile Compatibility

One of the biggest drawbacks of OpenCart is its inability to make online stores mobile compatible. This has a huge impact on the customer count as many users now simply use their phones to shop online.



When it comes to management, Magento is a very complicated platform that cannot be handled independently. It can only work smoothly with an on deck technical team.


OpenCart is a fairly easy to manage and can easily be handled by amateurs and new age online entrepreneurs. It is perfect for stores that have a limited inventory or aim to deal with limited geographical locations.

It is fast and smooth.

Final Verdict

For viewers who are on the precipice of making a choice, it all boils down to their budget and requirements.

If you have a lucrative budget and can afford constant maintenance and support, then Magento definitely wins the show.

However, for clients who want to quickly start their online venture OpenCart will definitely be the easier option as its takes virtually no time in installation and upload process.