Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Refund policy :

1. First allow us to check the bug on your site, provided with your temporary WP and FTP admin details

2. Issues involving third party plugins and themes will not be entertained

3. Company will not be responsible for wrong plugins purchased.

4. No exchange/ Return policy accepted until an issue declared by you is reviewed by our technician.

5. Refunded money will reach you within seven working days.

6. No guarantee for incompatibility of our plugins with third party plugins and themes.

7. The theme installation will be done only once on your website. No re-installation of the theme in case your website crashed or data lose.

8. The customer support is for 1 year only. After 1 year the charges for the support will be $20 per year.


Our products are not confined to a single platform but work over a variety of them like php, css, javascript, wordpress along with several image types examples : gif, jpg and png. Php and js files are released under the GPL license. Only the specified files are licensed under the mit license www.opensource.com/licenses/mit-licensesphp

Ownership and liability:

Whether modified or unmodified you cannot claim any right over our products.
The company will not be responsible for any damage caused to you by our products consciously or unconsciously.


All transactions are done over Paypal and Payumoney for Indian clients only.


You will receive an email regarding the process of delivery of our products. This may take few minutes or an hour. In case you do not receive the email within the specified time, kindly contact us here : [email protected]

Price change:

Our company claims right over changes in prices according to our suitability with or without a notice.

Contact Here :

Email : [email protected]