Woocommerce Quick View Plugin: Why You Need it for Your WordPress Site

woocommerce quick view plugin wordpress

When customers are browsing through different variety of products on an online shop, they usually start by doing a very casual go-through. In their first go-through, they only want to quickly view all the products, without having to read much about each available choice.

Woocommerce Quick View Plugin, lets your customers view all products in a much faster way, by assisting them in a quick go-through.

Unlike the typical product browsing way, in which a user is taken to the product page even if he clicks to see only the basic details of a product (and has to click on the ‘Back’ Option to go back onto the previous (product category) page), Woocommerce Quick View Plugin allows the users to view all available choices of the product category on a single pop-up window, without having the user to go to each product page, separately. Once seen, the pop-up window could be crossed by the user and eventually, he is brought back to product category page.

From a customer’s point of view, Quick View is a very friendly option, as it makes product navigation very easy; the customer is saved from reading too much information, since Woocommerce Quick View Plugin gives an option to choose the type of content, the seller wants to give out on the pop-up window.

woocommerce quick view plugin

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Premium Features of Phoeniixx’s Woocommerce Quick View Plugin

Following are the premium features of Phoeniixx’s Woocommerce Quick View Plugin, that could help you in creating a quick browse – through experience for your online customers.

#1 Option to decide the type of content, to be shown on Quick View Popup

When customer is just going through the available product choices, he doesn’t prefer to read all the product details, at that time. Quick View Popup Plugin gives you an option to put only the necessary details on the popup window, so that your customer doesn’t feel overwhelmed, by seeing extra information.

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#2 Option to directly go to Product Page from Quick View Popup Window

The customer could directly go to Product Page from Quick View Popup Window, if he wishes to have more details for the product.

#3 Option to decide sizes of images and icons to be shown on the popup

You could decide the size of product image you would want to keep, when displaying them in Quick View Popup. You also have the option to decide sizes of the icons, that are displayed through the Popup.

woocommerce quick view plugin backend image 3
#4 Styling Options for customizing the plugin with site’s theme

You could customise the Quick View Popup Window to make it go well, with your site’s theme and overall look. This would make the plugin look perfectly integrated into the site. The customizable options include- Popup Window’s background color, ‘Quick View’ Button color, “Quick View’ Text color, and more.

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#5 Option to choose text or icon based plugin

You could also choose whether you want to keep a text or an icon based Quick View Window. You could decide the placement of button, as well.

woocommerce quick view plugin backend image 1


#6 Option to upload navigation arrows image of your choice
Images of navigation arrows could be uploaded as per your preference.

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Enhance your online shoppers’ browsing experience, by installing Woocommerce Quick View Plugin into your site.

Download Free Quick View Plugin   Get Premium Version