Top ten VPS Hosting Services

Virtual private servers simply speaking are considered a midway between shared hosting services and dedicated hosting services. A virtual private server is a better option than shared hosting.

VPS hosting is a better option as it gives the users better control as compared to what they have when they use shared hosting. VPS hosting provides a better ground in terms of scalability and expansion.


In many cases VPS hosting is adopted by users who wish to test the waters before they move on to dedicated hosting.


Given below is a list of top ten websites that provide amazing VPS hosting services:





Myhosting is known mostly for its affordable VPS hosting services. It proudly boasts about providing the most affordable VPS hosting service on the net which is at a shocking rate of $15.95.


Their entry level package offers:

RAM 512 MB
Disc space 20 GB
Bandwidth 300 GB
Control panel Parallel Plesk


Myhosting also features customized VPS server solutions for your websites. These solutions are provided according to the specifications provided by you.


Their custom services have made them a sought for website, as far as their VPS services are considered.


  1.      Bluehost:



Bluehost is another well known VPS service providing brand that has been in the website hosting business since 2003. Their years of experience have made them qualified to provide sophisticated

VPS hosting services.


You can check out their current VPS hosting plans at


Their standard package consists of:

CPU 1 core
Memory 2 GB
Disc Space 30 GB
Bandwidth 1tB
Free Domain 1
Hosting Upgrade yes


They have a 30 day refund policy for unsatisfied users who wish to discontinue their services.


  1.      Arvixe:


Arvixe hosting service comprises of 3 hosting plans VPS Lite, VPS Class and VPS Class Pro based on Linux Platform. Their basic package is charged at an affordable price of $20 per month.


To know more about their current package you can check out their website at


Arvixe promises to offer their customers with one the most affordable plans. These plans come with the promise of no compromises in terms of quality.


Every plan offered by Arvixe consists of a weekly backup option to keep your data secure.

Arvixe is a reliable VPS hosting service specially designed for users who are on the lookout for a professional website.


  1.      Host Gator


Host Gator is a great VPS hosting service provider. In very little time, Host Gator has made a place for itself in the web hosting business. Customers swear on the quality of services it provides.


You will be hard pressed to find a better service in terms of the affordable prices that Host Gator provides. This has made Host Gator a fast growing service.


You can check out their current plans at


Their start up package begins with $19.95 in which they offer:

RAM 512 MB
CPU 0.5 Core
Disc Space 25 GB
Bandwidth 500 GB
IP Address 2
Control Panel Virtuozzo only


However, one drawback that bothers most customers is that Host Gator charges an extra $2 per month for additional IP address. Barring that their smooth services and highly efficient support staff has made Host Gator a one stop spot for VPS hosting services.


  1.      InMotion Hosting


InMotion Hosting is usually considered a slightly pricey option as compared to other VPS hosting service providers.


You can check out their current prices of the three packages (VPS 1000, VPS 2000 and VPS 3000) that they offer at


The basic $29.99 plan offers:

Storage 40GB
Bandwidth 750 GB per month
IP addresses 2
Backup Every 24-36 hrs


Their starter package has come under the scrutiny because it is comparatively expensive as compared to other hosting companies that have provided similar packages at cheaper rates.


Their customer support is extremely effective, making their VPS services one of the most sought among users who have little to no knowledge about website hosting services. Currently

InMotion’s customer services have been considered as way better than other hosting services.


  1.      Liquidweb


When it comes to VPS hosting Liquidweb offers state of art services. However, their pricey services have made them an instant failure among budget conscious consumers. Their most basic package starts at $50 and offers:


Disk Space 75 GB
Bandwidth 2TB
RAM 880 MB
Data Backups optional
Money back guarantee no
Uptime 100%


The biggest drawback for Liquidweb is that they do not offer a money back guarantee that results a lot of users lack of trust. This is one of the main reasons that many users don’t go for Liquidweb’s hosting services.


You can check out their current prices at

  1.      GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks is your one and only 300% eco friendly hosting service. They take pride in keeping the environment clean. If you are environmentally conscious and believe in running your website an eco friendly manner, then GreenGeeks is just the service for you.


Their start up packages begins at $39.95 which offers:

Memory 1GB
CPU Quad core
Transfer 1000GB
IPs 2

They even offer excellent tutorials for users who don’t prefer personally chatting with using their customer care services. It also saves them their precious time as they value it and ensure that you get high quality services with minimum resources.

  1.      A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is one of the most economical hosting services. Its basic package starts at $14.99/month. They even offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


You can check out their current packages at

A2 Hosting is another eco-friendly company that has taken special steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Their Iceland data centre uses natural cooling technology. They even recycle their old hard disks instead of dumping them in landfills.



If you are on the lookout for an effective service that will keep your conscience clean, then A2 Hosting is definitely the way to go.


Their most basic plan offers:

CPU Quad core
Data transfer 200 GB
RAM 512 MB
Disc space 10 GB
Backup nightly
Money back guarantee 30 days

This plan can be easily customized depending on your needs. Their customer support services are top notch leaving no room for error. They have had a 99.9% uptime rate which is just perfect.


  1.      Media Temple (mt)


Media Temple is another website hosting service that offers both managed and unmanaged VPS hosting plans. However, Media temple is a sore point as far as pricing is concerned. Their entry level package begins as $50 which can be pretty costly for users who are just starting out.

There are other more economical alternatives out there.


You can check out their current packages at:


They offer a 99.9% server uptime for all their services.


Their entry level package offers:

Storage 30GB
Bandwidth 1tB
Panel choice cPanel and Parallel Plesk

They even offer free quote for users who are on the lookout for customized packages, as there are no one-size-fits-all package when it comes to website hosting.


10.   KnownHost


KnownHost is a little known but well managed website hosting service. It offers affordable VPS solutions that will function smoothly and without any hiccups.


They have a well developed detailed range of plans starting from VPS-1 to VPS-7.

You can check out all these plans at


Their start up plan begins with a fee structure of $25 in which it offers:

RAM 512 MB
Disc Space 20 GB
Bandwidth 2500 GB
CPU 1 Core
Backups Free

They even offer 3 different control panels which are cPanel/WHM, Plesk or Direct Admin. Their services come at a 30 day money back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with their services.


Picking a VPS server service is one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make when setting up a website. Shared hosting decisions are simple as compared to VPS hosting because in VPS you get to pick everything. Basically you get the chance to set up exactly the kind of server that you will require that can support the needs of your website with complete ease.


It is best to look around before you go for a solution, this list will help you pick the right server that will fit well within your budget and work smoothly.