How to Add Unlimited Product Tabs on a Product Page, in Woocommerce



When you are selling products online, unlike in the ‘real’ life scenario, there is no one available in-person to guide your customers, solve their issues or collect payment from them and so, you have no option but to present all the product related information (product specifications, product related offers, product options etc) as text.

Since you can’t avoid providing all these different categories of product related information on the product page, the best you could do for your customers is organise all of them (product specifications, product related offers, product options etc) in a manner that your customers are able to easily read, anything they specifically require to read on a product page.

Custom Tab Plugin helps you do exactly that.

By installing Woocommerce Custom Tab Plugin into your site, you could add as many number of custom tabs on your product page, as you want to, and classify information so that it does not appear to be overwhelming. Tab-wise classification also allows users to easily ‘locate’ the information, they would want to read on a product page. Also, since there is no limit to adding custom tabs to your product page, you could add any new type of information (say, an exclusive offer) at any point of time. Hence Custom Tab Plugin, lets you

  • Classify
  • Simplify
  • Arrange
  • Highlight different types of information on your product page.

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Premium Features of Phoeniixx’s Woocommerce Custom Tab Plugin

Phoeniixx’s Woocommerce Custom Tab Plugin gives you three kinds of custom tab options, to choose from. These options are:

  • Global Tab Option
  • Category Tab Option
  • Product-Specific Tab Option

Global Tab Option
Using this option, you could create a common tab, that would be there on all of the product pages of your site, irrespective of product category.

gloab tab option in woocommerce custom tabs plugin
For this option, the tab label (i.e title of the tab) and the information given under this tab would remain same on all the product pages. Thus, if there’s a tab that you’d want to place on all of the product pages, irrespective of their categories, you could easily do that using Global Tab Option provided through our Woocommerce Custom Tab Plugin.

Category Tab Option
This option allows you to have a custom tab, common only to same-category product pages. Tab specifications (including tab label and the content written under it) remain same on the same-category product pages. However, these tab specifications could differ for different categories. Thus, if you want to place a tab that is common only to same category product pages, then that could be done by using Category Tab Option of our Woocommerce Custom Tab Plugin.

Product-Specific Tab Option
Sometimes, you need to have an exclusive tab for a particular product page. Using Product-Specific custom tab option, you could place unique tab label and place unique content under it, for each one of the product pages that belong to your website.

Tab Placement Option
Woocommerce Custom Tab Plugin lets you arrange the tabs as per your order of priority. This gives you the flexibility to arrange or rearrange different types of information based on your requirements.

In a nutshell,
Seeing too much information on your product page could either annoy or intimidate your customers. Add as many custom tabs as you need, and classify the information so that learning about products (being sold) through your site, becomes easy and convenient for your customers.

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