Different brands use different scales while creating their product. Thus the sizes that fit the customer in one brand might not fit in another. This becomes a bigger issue when shopping on an e-commerce store as the customers can’t even try the size before buying. And getting the wrong size causes inconvenience to them because the process of exchanging it for the correct size or for returning it takes a lot of time.

This is not a major issue to lose out on your customers. With the PRODUCT SIZE CHART PLUGIN TO WOOCOMMERCE, this issue can be solved forever.

This plugin allows you to place customized size charts on each product page so that the customer can choose their perfect size easily. They need not worry about getting a wrong size and the trouble thereafter.

You can download the free version from the link below.


Once you have uploaded the plugin, activate your plugin in Plugins → Installed Plugins. If it has been activated correctly, plugin control panel is available in the tab SIZE CHARTS in WordPress dashboard.

Some feature of the free version are:

  • Option to enable or disable size chart plugin.
  • Option to create an unlimited number of size charts.
  • Created size charts will be shown in tabs on single product page.
  • Each product page would require a unique Size chart.

While the free version can be used to get the work done, the premium version has features taking it to another level.

Some features of the premium version are:

  • Options to enable or disable size chart plugins.
  • Option to create an unlimited number of size charts.
  • Option to display created size chart as Tab, Popup or Tabbed Popup.
  • Option to set size chart on the basis of product categories.
  • Option to show the size in a widget
  • Option to set same size chart for all the products.
  • Option to set more than one size chart for a single product.
  • Advanced styling options.