How To Add Badge to Products on Your Woocommerce Site


Your online shoppers are likely to feel lost on your site, when browsing through the large variety of options available for their desirable item. That being said, shoppers are always looking out for something ‘New’ or ‘Recent’ or ‘On Sale’ or ‘Trending’, as well.

Based on this tendency and on your other requirements like Stock-Clearing or Brand-Promotion, you may want to put up temporary offers on particular products. And of course, you’d want to highlight those offers in a way that your customers are able to clearly see the offers & choose to avail them.

This is exactly what Phoeniixx’s Badge Management Plugin lets you do. It allows you to add a label or a badge onto the products you want to put your ‘Offer’ (‘50% off’ etc.) or ‘Title’ (‘New’ etc.) on, thus helping you differentiate these ‘On Offer’ products from others.

Few free features that you get with the plugin are mentioned below:

#1: You can edit the general settings

#2: Can add the new badge.

#3: Add an image or a text badge.

#4: Can add badge to individual products.

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While with the premium version the plugin provides you with additional features which you could benefit from:

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Premium Features of Phoeniixx’s Badge Management Plugin

#1: Option to Select the Type of Badge

Badge Management Plugin gives you options to either select an image badge from the default images or create a custom badge by writing your own text and by stylizing it as per your requirement. The plugin also lets you upload an image as a badge.



#2. Option to Select Specific Badges For Each Category

You may want to apply different badges to different product categories. For instance, you may want to show a discount on one category of products and may want to label a product as ‘New’. Badge Management Plugin allows you to apply specific badges to specific categories of products.



#3. Set the Position & Opacity of Badge

You could set the position (as top-left, top-right etc.) and opacity of the badge as per your requirement.


# 4. Set Badge Validity

This feature of plugin lets you set the number of days for which you want a particular badge to stay valid. Once the added number of days are over, the badge will automatically become invalid.


#5. Hide Badge on Single Product

This feature lets you Hide Badge on single Product Page. All you have to do is select the checkbox in the backend and you are through with hiding the badges on single product page.



#6. Define The Recency (in terms of days) of Products and Add Label Accordingly

This feature of the plugin allows you to add a label of your choice (like- ‘New’) based on the recency of the product. In other words, you could set the ‘number of days’ as a defining-value to categorize something as ‘recent’. The badge will automatically be placed only on the products that your defining-value categorizes as recent.



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