While shopping on an e-commerce website, the customers are always in a hurry. They don’t have the patience to go through the long list of items to find their desired product. And if they are looking for something specific, in that case, this kind of search can put them off as it takes a lot of time.

To solve this issue and to make their search easier and quicker, we created the AJAX PRODUCT SEARCH PLUGIN TO WOOCOMMERCE.

This useful plugin allows you to add a search box in any widget area. With this plugin installed, on your website, your customers can search for their desired product easily. Even before they finish entering the keywords, the search box allows drop-downs which predict the words while they are typing, thus completing the phrase for them.

It makes their search faster, find results quicker and thus saving their time. All they need to do is just type it in the search box and get the desired results in seconds.


You can download the free version of the plugin from the link below.



Once you have uploaded the plugin, activate your plugin in Plugins Installed plugins. → If it has been activated correctly, plugin control panel is available in the tab AJAX PRODUCT SEARCH FOR WOOCOMMERCE in WordPress dashboard.

Some features of the free version are:

  • Option to add a search box in any Widget Area simply by dragging and dropping the Widget. The widget is already created.
  • Option to write your own Search Button text.
  • Option to set the minimum number of characters required to trigger autosuggest.
  • Option to set the maximum number of results shown in an autosuggest box.


While the features of the free version are good enough to help your customers. However, if you wish to enhance their experience on your website, the premium version is the best choice.


Some features of the premium version are:

  • Shortcode of ajax search
  • Option to Set Minimum and maximum Characters to search.
  • Option to Search through entire site or just through products.
  • Option to Show or Hide Categories.
  • Option to Show All Categories or Main Categories.
  • Option to choose if you want to Search only through products or also through posts and pages.
  • Option to Search in Excerpt.
  • Option to Search in Content.
  • Option to Search in Product Categories.
  • Option to Search in Product Tags.
  • Multiple-Word Search option to Search items containing the exact words or those containing at least one word.
  • Option to Search by SKU
  • Option to Search by SKU Variable Products.
  • Option to Hide or Show Thumbnail and adjust position as Left or Right.
  • Option to Set Size of the Thumbnail Image.
  • Option to Show Price on Searched Items.
  • Option to Select Price label.
  • Option to Upload Loader Image.
  • Option to Set Title Color.
  • Option to Show Excerpt.
  • Option to set the number of Words to be shown in Excerpt.
  • Option to Show ‘View All’ Link.
  • Option to Edit Text of ‘View All’ Link or ‘No Results’ Option.
  • Can set either Button or Icon for search.