19 Virtual Ice Breakers For Fun Zoom Meetings

For this game, have everyone share an embarrassing photo and tell the story behind it. Doing this icebreaker is a great way to build connections remotely. This icebreaker can promote team bonding, and it’s one of the easier options on the list. This game allows your team members to gain a new perspective on their peers, and it’s also a fun and easy way to get an interesting conversation started.

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This question reveals what their team means to them and enables managers to spot the strengths of their team. Share a team success or accomplishment that you’re particularly proud of. Share one professional or personal goal you would like to achieve within the next year. Share a funny or memorable encounter with a celebrity or famous person.

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These ice breaker questions are great to have teams bond over what keeps each one fit, calm, and energized. If it’s a team meeting, have the team do a show of hands at the start of the meeting to show how they’re feeling. It’s important when virtual to make sure that the team isn’t overworked or overextended.

  • This icebreaker involves spending 5-10 minutes before the meeting taking the Myers Briggs test, but it’s a great use of time — you won’t regret it.
  • Have a manager or team leader start the conversation by sharing something they have an interest in, like popular TV, music, food, or whatever they love to get everyone thinking.
  • Have attendees doodle their notes and share them at the end.

An added level of ice breaker magic sometimes happens when participants choose their numbers. Team members may bond with others who choose the same number or note popular and unpopular numbers. Allow for tangential conversations about these observations and others if time allows.

Icebreakers Perfect for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

You need to ask your team members to find something with a specific character during a specific time frame (let’s say 30 seconds). A different alternative to starting a Zoom meeting with laughter is playing read my lips. A person in the call (you select who) needs to say what they think you say. And then that person selects who will read their lips and so on. In some cases, you’ll be surprised with answers such as “Hard” and “Stressful,” and that’s when you can reach out to them and see how you can help. You never know if someone might need a kind word or advice, and with this question, you get to learn great advice from everyone on the team.

Sharing is caring – and that should apply to both the good and the bad. 💡 Tip
Don’t forget to ask the person who the poll is about to share at least one story behind the statements. It’s a sweet little icebreakers for virtual meetings activity to make people talk and get to know one another better. This is not only an icebreaker but a morale booster as well. And we all need that now and then, especially when working in isolation.

The Memory Game

One by one, ask each attendee questions like, “What did you eat for breakfast today? ”Circle back to attendees who manage to answer with a straight face and see if you can wear them down until just one person is left. Alternatively, declare anyone left after three rounds a winner!