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    Default Woocommerce Features

    We have integrated all the default Woocommerce plugin features in our app.

    All type of Products - Simple, Variable, Group, External
    Sell all type of products like physical or digital. The app supports unlimited products.
    Supports an unlimited number of categories and subcategories.

    Supports global and product based attributes like color, size, material, fabric and so on.

    Tax Classes
    Supports all the tax settings created on the website. For example, taxes based on city, state or country.
    Shipping Classes
    Support all the shipping classes created on the website. For example flat rates or specific rates for different product types.

    Show customer feedback directly into the app.

    Advanced Filter Search and Suggestive Search

    Predictive Search

    The predictive search integrated to deliver the users instant results as they type in the dropdown which shows the product thumbnail, product price, product title and description. 

    Product Filter Search based on Attributes

    The users can filter the products based on attributes such as color, size, price, rating etc. 

    Auto Synced Website and Woocommerce App

    The App will be updated automatically as soon as you add or update the product, category, taxes etc on your website or new order comes in.

    99% Payment Gateways are Supported

    The app is integrated with 99% of the payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, Payumoney, Razorpay, Paytm etc.

    and more...

    Promote Your App

    Refer and Earn

    Users can earn cash by promoting the referral link of the app to their friends via email, WhatsApp and messages. This feature will work only on the app. 

    Show Multiple Coupons on Cart Page

    Users can view all the coupon codes created by the admin on the cart page.

    Woo Wallet

    Users can add the money in their wallet and they can purchase the product through wallet money. 

    Credit System

    The user can purchase the product through credits also. Payments can be made fully or partially. 

    App Share

    Share your app through email, WhatsApp, message, skype etc. 

    Push Notifications Through
    One Signal

    Admin can promote his offers of a particular product and category through push notifications also.

    Track Your App Performance with Google Analytics

    Understand the number of users in your app, their characteristics and where they came from
    Measure what actions your users are taking.
    Measure in-app payments and revenue.
    Customize reports specific to your business.
    Visualize user navigation paths.
    Slice and dice your data to understand different user group's behavior
    Leverage Google Analytics data in other Google Products

    Add On

    Free of Cost Installation

    We can submit the app for you in your google play store and ios store account.

    3 Months Free Support

    In case any bug comes in within this period then it will be fixed free of cost.

    No Renewal Fee

    There won't be any recurring fee for the app. 

    Color Theme Changes

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