9 Best Resources To Make Online Logo Design For Free

resources for online logo design free

If you’ve just started up or are planning to start up, the first two things you’d need your business venture to have is a brand name and a logo. And, if you happen to choose a tentative name for your business, then you probably won’t want to spend money on logo designing and would rather explore free logo design options.

If for this reason or another, you are looking to have a logo designed for free, then here’s a list of resources that allow you to make and save your custom logo for no cost at all!

#1.  Squarespace
Squarespace is a user friendly site that lets you create your custom logo. When you go to the logo page, you are first asked to enter your brand’s name (say, ‘Lotus Designs’) and then are asked to enter the name of a related symbol (say, ‘Lotus’). Based on what you’ve written, numerous symbol options appear. You could choose the option most suitably representing your idea. Once you’ve done that, the brand name and symbol appear together as your basic logo design. You could select/adjust Font Type, Color, Size, Weight or Position and could also set the color for the symbol. Infact, while editing the logo, at the bottom of the page, you are also shown how the logo would appear when printed on products or when viewed on digital devices.

Below is a Sample Logo, generated through Squarespace

sample logo 01

Visit Website: http://www.squarespace.com/

#2.  Vista Print

This is another recommended site that helps you make interesting logo designs. When you enter the site, you are first asked to input your company name. Following this, you are shown a grid of available choices for ‘icon’. You could filter these choices by browsing relevant options based on ‘industry’ or ‘style’. Once you’ve selected the icon, you could choose the font, text design and color of the logo. At each step of logo creation, you get the ‘view on products’ option, which helps you visualize the logo placement on products. When your final logo has been generated, you could right click on it, to save it.

Below is a Sample Logo, generated through Vistaprint

sample logo 02

Visit Website: http://www.vistaprint.in/

#3. Cooltext
If you want to have a ‘text only’ logo, then this is a suitable site for you. You would be able to generate a logo of your choice, within minutes. All you have to do is select a font style that’s perfect for representing your brand and then adjust the font size, color and shadow. It is that easy and quick!

Here is a Sample Logo from Cooltext

sample logo 03


Visit Website: http://cooltext.com/

#4. Logo Garden
This website helps you create your custom logo in simple steps. Choose your industry from the given options (you have the option to alter this at a later stage, if you want to). Select a suitable (basic) Symbol representing your business. Once you do that, the variants of that symbol are shown to choose from. After this, you are taken to a basic graphic editor where you find placed, the symbol that you had selected before. You could have custom size and color for the symbol.

Next to symbol, you could type the company name and adjust the font’s size, style and/or color. You could also add effects like Shadow, Reflect, Shine or Distress to either or both- the symbol and the text.

This website is one of the best places to design and save your custom logo since it gives you specific and numerous symbol options to choose from. Also because it is a lot more organised than other sites.

Here is a Sample Logo from Logo Garden

sample logo design 04

Visit Website: http://www.logogarden.com/

#5. Hipster Logo Generator
This free logo designing site is recommended if you require to have a very basic logo design. This is because over here, you get very limited number of design options to choose from. You could barely customize your logo as per your specific requirements.

Here is a Sample Logo from Hipster Logo Generator

sample logo design 05

Visit Website: https://www.hipsterlogogenerator.com/

#6.  Logotype Maker
This site has a simple three-step process for generating a custom logo design. Step I- Type the company name. Step II- Select a logo design as per your choice. Step III- Edit the logo elements as per your requirement. You could not only set the font color, size and style but could also add effects like shadow and reflection. Also, you could easily adjust the positions of text and symbol so that they appear as a single unit. Once you are through with the logo generation process, you could save and download to your system.

Here is a Sample Logo from Logotype Maker

sample logo design 06

Visit Website: http://logotypemaker.com/

#7.  Logaster
If you are looking for a visually and functionally appealing logo designing site that could let you generate your logo in minutes, then this the site for you. All you need to do is enter company name, then choose your business type. Once you do that, relevant and specific logo concepts would browse.After you have picked one, you could edit the logo concept on a simple editor. You could adjust the font and the symbol to make them look as one unit. Finally, you could save your logo concept.

One of the key points that differentiates this site from others is that when you save your logo concept, you are provided with 6 versions( Primary, Grayscale, White and more) of the same logo design.

Here is a Sample Logo  from Logaster

sample logo design 07

Visit Website: https://www.logaster.com/

#8. Free Logo Wizard
When generating a logo on this site, you could do a basic, industry based keyword search. Based on the keyword you enter, available options are presented. The search results may appear to you as generic. Once you’ve picked a symbol, you could customize it (on the provided editor) by writing the company  name (in a font of your choice) and placing it anywhere near the symbol. Before downloading the final logo design, you could see its preview as well. If you want to have a generic logo design, then this is the site for you to go!

Here is a Sample Logo from Free Logo Wizard

sample logo design 08

Visit Website: http://www.freelogowizard.com/

#9. Eat Logos

This site provides you with interesting symbol designs, which could be downloaded in ‘png’ and ‘ai’ file formats. Unlike websites mentioned before, this site does not provide with a graphic editor and therefore, you’d require a graphic editor like Adobe Photoshop, in order to place the text(company name), next to the symbol. Thus, if you want to have a symbol only logo (which rarely is the case!) or if you could or want to use a different editor to add company name, then this is the site for you!


Here is a Sample Symbol for logo from Eat Logos

sample logo design 09You’d require a graphic editor to add the company name next to the symbol you choose for your logo.

Visit Website: http://www.eatlogos.com/

To Summarize
When you’re still planning or analyzing your business idea and its scope, you won’t start doing real brand work at the beginning and therefore, investing money in getting an exclusive logo design would not be your preference. If that is the case, these free online logo designing websites could really be of great help in generating a tentative logo design, for absolutely no cost at all!

But, if that’s not the case and if, indeed you’re looking to have a High Definition Logo, that could closely represent your company and has differentiating features, then you got to hire a firm that has significant experience in logo designing. Why? Because to create an exclusive and relevant logo, a designer (or team) requires to have an understanding of your business, it’s targeted audience and the purpose(s) it solves. Unlike a logo design firm, online design sites unfortunately, give you (only a few,) broad symbol choices, loosely representing your industry.  Another point worth noting, is that when you generate a logo through these free online logo design sites, you get to have low definition designs that get pixelated when zoomed.

Thus, if you require to have an exclusive, high definition logo that could closely represent your company and could be available to you in different formats, then you should consider assigning the logo creation task to a professional logo designing firm or to a designer!